Why I Love Search Engine Marketers

Okay, because of the insane amount of work I have to do today, the recap post is being pushed back again. But today I was reminded again why I love the people in my industry. They are just like me, they love fun and come up with the craziest ideas. My two prime examples are:

Big Watah

Best Smelling in Search

These are two websites and ideas started at SMX East because of what happened the night of October 6, 2008.

The first one has a great story and lesson attached to it (here is the lesson) and I promise I’ll tell my side of the story soon. It even raised money for the Ronald McDonald House during the SearchBash! Talk about great linkbait!

The Best Smelling in Search though was just funny. Jeremiah Andrick, Eric Lander, Scott Polk, David Brown, and a few of the other guys were all sporting name brand colognes. They all smelled really good, but we each had our favorite. Mine was Eric Lander, but the popular vote went to Jeremiah Andrick. Well looks like the battle continues on twitter and the web! We all <3 Jeremiah!


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