longhornkate vs katemorris

This has been a big topic this past week at SES San Jose. There was even a panel talking about twitter and the panelist spoke about how you need to brand your name, not another name like yours. According to them the only exceptions are the older SEOs like Graywolf.

When I started out on twitter I used a name I had come up with for MySpace, longhornkate. It showed my love of the Texas Longhorn football team and my first name. I am a single female so thought this might be best considering I might change my surname someday.

Then this past week a number of people I respect noted that I should be going by my real name on twitter to build that brand, instead of longhornkate. After about the 8th person, I decided to try it out and see what people thought.The reaction has been mixed. So what do you think? LonghornKate or KateMorris? I own both domains, so that’s not an issue.

Please vote and then post a comment explaining why you feel that way. I am so curious.


  1. I’m clearly in the minority, but I’d go with Longhornkate. You’ve already established that brand to a certain extent, and it says more about you right away (UT grad, Longhorns fan).

  2. You know what, Kate. I’m going to go against the flow here. I think you were right in the beginning.

    First of all, Longhornkate is more memorable than Kate Morris. It stands out from the crowd. There’s probably no competition on SE for longhornkate while I bet there are a couple of other Kate Morrises out there. And as you pointed out yourself, you might get married one day and change your name (or he (or she) could become Mr. (or Mrs.) Kate Morris).

    I’ve written a few articles on personal branding that you might like to check out. Just click my name.

  3. I think Kate Morris would work better in your instance because you’re pushing your personal skills, not something that needs an aesthetic or stylization (like my line o’ work, hence me NOT using my name).

  4. I prefer LonghornKate – it’s fun and sassy and says more about your personality.

    I surprised people are suggesting otherwise – lots of well respected people in the industry have made their ‘nickname’ online brands work well for them – e.g. Sugarrae.

  5. I’d go with LonghornKate. In my opinion, at this state, your username is no more a mere username showing your support for the Longhorns, but is a brand itself.

    Kate Morris is cool and classy. However, LonghornKate is more unique and in my opinion, is more memorable when you first hear it.

  6. I just stumbled on your blog a few minutes ago and the reason why I even bothered to get here in the first place was because of the longhorn reference (I’m a fan of the basketball team though… was slightly disapointed when I read your About page ;P).

    Unless you are Chris Brogan and your name is used left and right your name doesn’t really matter. Longhorn Kate will actually be remembered more easily and it gives you personality.

    My suggestion is put your brand out there: Longhornkate and just make sure that Kate Morris is associated to it. Just like Steve Jobs is to Apple and Mark Zuckerberg to Facebook. More people know about Apple and Facebook than Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg but the people who should or need to know them by name do.

    As a SEM enthusiast I’m sure you can find a way to make sure Longhornkate comes up whenever anybody types Kate Morris anyway!

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