15 Signs an SEO Girl Likes You

By Kate Morris and Lisa Barone

Idea so stolen from On365’s 21 Signs a Geek Girl Likes You. This is coming from a couple of the apparently few single SEOs. As I’ve said before, almost all SEOs are married! I realized this while stalking people before SMX Advanced. Regardless, if you’re single and think an SEO Chick *might* like you, here are some ways to tell.

  1. She googles your goods.
    If meeting on the internet, by the first date she knows what you’re into, family names, contact info, rants, raves, laments about past girlfriends, things sold on eBay, friends, and everything else. It’s a compliment. If she finds all that and is still interested, you’re so in.
  2. She leaves her phone/BB in her purse during the date.
    If she picks it up and starts typing, check twitter later for the real truth. :)
  3. She has IM alerts set up for when you sign online.
  4. Your company/website/blog starts to rank really well.
    You’ve told her about your real estate business and how it’s just not taking off. Even though that’s the industry that will kill SEO, she works on getting your site up to par and ranking well.
  5. She spends hours trying to give you a brand-able online identity and uses it when she talks about you online.
  6. She finds all of your social profiles before you realize it.
    You blink and she’s added you on MySpace/Facebook/Digg? Dude, that’s a clear sign she’s thinking about you. As with #1, for an SEO Chick, stalking is a good thing. We aren’t crazy, at least not in a bad way. :)
  7. She’s made it official on Facebook that you’re dating.
  8. She’s found the social networking profiles of everyone you’ve ever dated.
    She knows what they’re doing, where they work, if they’re married, if they have any pets and that they’ve died their naturally red hair brown.
  9. She looks past the fact that you have MSN set as your default search engine, and then changes it to something so much f***ing better.
    If you’ve gotten to the point where she is willing to accept that you don’t know how to change your settings in your browser (*gasp* still using IE??), she’s willing to accept any other faults you have.
  10. You become a category or prominent tag on her blog.
    Dude, she’s talking about you publicly. Mind you, it might not always be the best things, but the fact that she’s talking about you out loud is a damn good sign.
  11. She starts following everyone you’re talking to on Twitter.
    So she can “get to know you better”. Not because she’s stalking you.
  12. Her SEO friends start following you on Twitter.
    It’s part of the initiation. It’s right there with meeting the friends and family only these people are brutally honest. Suck it up and make friends. The faster they accept you the better.
  13. She’s constantly emailing you her daily Reddit and LOLCat finds and sending you her favorite YouTube videos.
    It’s not love until you’ve met Charlie.
  14. She organizes your bookmarks when you’re in the shower
    … so you can make the most of your time together.
  15. You find yourself with an extra wardrobe thanks to all the conference T-shirts she brings home.


  1. Scarey thing is…I’ve employed many of these stalke….I mean information methods to sta….I mean get to know someone better :)

  2. I’ll be fair — All the smart/funny ideas were Kate’s. The ones that bordered on stalking and the need for a restraining order were mine. :)

  3. OMG KATE AND LISA! Hahahaha. These are SO great. And yeah, lots of married girls, but you can bet your future men will be finding this list and studying. 😉


  4. If any of you SEO ladies comes to my house to arrange my bookmarks while I’m in the shower, two things will occur.

    1- you will officially enter the realm of stalker-ville

    2- you will be filtering through waaaaay too many sites that have “boobies” in the URL

    It is also likely that the encounter will end much like that movie “Boogie Nights”. Embarrassing photos (not embarrassing for me, I mean for the rest of the SEO dudes) will quickly surface around the blogosphere, and I’ll be offered numerous movie roles like “Arizona Jones and the Temple of Boobs”, “Handcock:”, and “The Incredible Bulk II”

  5. @Brian, seriously! everyone is married! Oh well, keeps me kinda safe at conferences :) (yes, I said it)

  6. HA! Fabulous post Kate and Lisa. Very funny, and sadly true – Except for the bit about forgiving them for using MSN as default search engine. That is totally unacceptable – You have to draw the line somewhere, (even if they are cute)! :)

  7. She registers vanity domains using variations of your name and installs WordPress + analytics for you. Strangely, you notice that she keeps a close eye on your recent visitors, referrers and the names / IP addresses of you blog commenters. She asks whether “Alex”, “Sam” and “Ashley” are males or females.

    You rightly peg her as an utter nutcase.


  8. *Giggle*.
    Funny if a guy did the exact same thing he would be thought to be a bonefide stalker.

    I remember once I showed a girl that her highschool pictures are still indexed… she was not amused – she thought I was trying to spy on her “private” life using google.

    Um huh? !!!! lol.

  9. @reilly I need to look into that don’t I? That’s a good idea, SEO Stalker Awareness Tool … hmmm 😉

  10. why on earth would anyone in their right mind dye their naturally red hair brown???

    funny stuff. i’ve got someone doing this to me currently but i definitely call it stalking!

  11. lol very good stuff. Well, I AM very single. … my choosing until she comes along. I just don’t do the conferences though. Besides; I am way old for most SEO ladies out there me thinks. Other than that; quite the gentle teddy bear believe it or not. 😀

    I did find myself spitting up orange juice while reading some of those.

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